Baader 1.25" and 2" Premium Colored Glass Filters (BPCF125)(BPCF2)

These premium 1.25" (BPCF125) and 2" (BPCF2) color filters from Baader Planetarium feature high-transmission, plane-parallel, optically polished glass, multi-coated with 7 layers on each surface. True plane-parallel surfaces eliminate ghost images at the eyepiece. The fine optical polish allows the filters to be inserted anywhere in the optical path without introducing astigmatism and other defects. Thus, they can be used with the Baader Giant Binocular Viewer or other similar products without concern about degradation of your image. All of these features assure fine planetary detail while preserving maximum sharpness and contrast in the image.

Both the 1.25" and 2" sets comprise three longpass and three genuine bandpass filters, which allow only a small portion of the visual spectrum to be transmitted in order to emphasize certain planetary surface detail.

Filters come in the following colors: Red (610nm), Orange (570nm), Green (500nm), Yellow (495nm), Blue (470nm) and Blue-Violet (435nm). The filters are only available in the U.S. in sets containing all six color filters.

Product description from Baader Planetarium - PDF file. The "TOOLS but Toys" header was intended to mean "It takes tools, not toys - for real achievement."

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