Baader Neodymium Moon & Skyglowfilter

This filter was designed to transmit the maximum amount of incoming light, while suppressing skyglow due to artificial lighting and background glow when the Moon is up. The filter material is a special Neodymium glass that effectively filters out selective wavelengths of low-pressure sodium and other manmade sources. Although it is not a nebula filter, it enhances the views of deep-sky galaxies and nebulae by increasing the contrast of these objects against the background sky. While nebula filters transmit only a few select wavelengths corresponding to various atomic lines, this filter transmits a large portion of the continuous spectrum, while blocking a few select lines of the more common manmade light.

This filter can also be used for lunar/planetary viewing. It increases planetary contrast and works especially well on Jupiter and Mars to help bring out subtle detail. Try it with the yellow filter of the Baader Premium 1.25" Colored Filter Set to bring out the surface features of Mars.

Available in 1.25" (BPMS125) or 48mm (BPMS2) sizes.

Customer Comments

"Recently I have discovered the Skyglow works wonderfully when stacked with high transmission color filters to highlight details on Mars. My favorite combination for Martian detail is to stack the Skyglow with a Deep Yellow color filter... I find the Skyglow helps sharpen images that are otherwise negatively affected by slight haze (slight reduction in transparency). It's the best $ I've spent on astronomical accessories. T. R., VA

"I purchased the Baader Moon & Skyglow filter a little over a month ago and would like to share I am very pleased with it. I've been using it in the
mornings to view Mars with my 4" refractor. I'm a little nervous we'll get a major sandstorm this year so I've been trying to view every chance I get.
Comparing to unfiltered views the Baader really makes the polar cap pop out! I'm also very pleased with the contrast it shows on the dark and lighter land features. It is a great planetary filter." M.S., Oregon

"Recently I have been using it with Mars observation. No question the filter improves my view. Contrast is improved. Markings on the surface are more easily seen. The edge is sharper as is the south polar cap rim. The filter seems to improve the seeing condition. Glare is also reduced. On top of it all I find the color rendition it gives to Mars very pleasing." B.F., CT

"Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the 48mm Moon & Skyglow filter. It's a great Jupiter filter, makes the moon tolerable in my 18"and costs 1/2 of what a (brand deleted) 1.25" skyglow filter (my previous Jupiter filter) cost. There are no 48mm moon filters out there, so this was a great find -- I use it as one of four filters in my Astrosystems filter slide. You should advertise these things more to the big Dob crowd. You'd sell a lot of them. "

"Below is a mini-review I posted to the NexStar GPS Yahoo group: I have the 2" Baader Moon & Skyglow filter in for visual use and just leave it in all the time when I'm observing from the suburbs. It is awesome on planets improving contrast and detail while retaining the natural color. It also is a substantial help on DSOs, in particular galaxies and globular clusters. I had a 11/4" (brand deleted) filter prior, but wanted to go to a 2". After comparing the two filters spectral characteristics, they were so close that I couldn't justify spending an additional $150 on the (other brand)." C.S., CO

"The filter enhances contrast on Jupiter, especially the GRS and gnarled details where there is white against rust or reddish colors. It's a great deal to have a 2" filter of this quality at this price. Unlike the filters in the ubiquitous multi-color sets, this filter takes off the edge without killing the image. I'm planning on keeping mine." G. N., New York

"The Baader Sky Glo filter enhances the views of Jupiter in my AP 155MM f/7 very well. ( The views are already impressive to say the least without the filter.) On certain nights though, this filter aids in reducing unwanted glare, further embellishing the festoons, GRS (great red spot) and other interesting details of this gas giant. I highly recommend this filter when observing the moon past first quarter! Thanks for such a most needed addition to my observing arsenal." P. W., S.C.

"I am most pleased with my 48mm Baader Moon and Skyglow filter and highly recommend it. I have found it to be a great filter to boost the contrast on Jupiter and bring out planetary details that are typically difficult to discern in my mediocre Northeast skies on most nights. Threading it into the nosepiece of my Maxbrite diagonal allows me to use multiple eyepieces without the need to remove and reattach the filter with each eyepiece change. I also use the filter when viewing the moon. It not only enhances contrast to help bring out lunar detail but it also cuts down some of the glare through the eyepiece when the lunar phase is nearing full." C.R., MA

Product description from Baader Planetarium - PDF file.

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