Eagle Adjusting Folding Pier

6" Eagle Adjustable Folding Pier (EAGLE6)

For use with the Mach1GTO German Equatorial Mount as well as the Astro-Physics 400, 600 and 600E Series Mounts produced previously.

The new Astro-Physics 6" Eagle Adjustable Folding Pier is a versatile work-of-art as well as a totally practical tool for the advanced imager. The one piece assembly sets up quickly in the field and allows adjustment of pier height, leveling of the mount, and eases the process of polar alignment.

6" Eagle at lowest setting

The practical height range of the pier is 24" to 36". Adjustment is made by moving the center column tube up or down within the two inner ring assemblies and by moving the legs in toward the center. Adding the optional 8" Extension that attaches to the top of the pier gives a total practical height of up to 44".


The 6" Eagle, folded and ready to go!

Versatility and Flexibility!

The 6" Eagle is a breeze to set up and adjust. Large comfortable hand knobs make the whole process tool-free!

To set up or adjust, simply loosen the 3 Leg Adjustment Knobs to spread the legs apart or fold them in. Move the legs in and out from the 6" Eagle's center column to fine tune the pier's height and to level the assembly if the ground is uneven. Then, re-tighten the knobs. The 6" Eagle's feet articulate to adjust to the terrain.

To change the center column position, remove the 6 Pier Column Height Adjustment Knobs and simply slide the center column up or down to the desired position. Attachment points are in 4" increments. Re-insert the knobs, tighten and you're done. The 6" Eagle can be adjusted as follows:

  • Your mounting will have an additional 30 degrees of azimuth adjustment in the Pier Adapter Slots. This will greatly speed up rough polar alignment!
  • Pier leg uneven ground adjustment range: 4" over a 36" distance, or 6.5 degrees of slope (while maintaining a minimum distance of 18" from the center of the pier to each foot)
  • Pier leg maximum spread: 48" diameter circle (maximum stability - see illustration below)
  • Pier leg minimum recommended spread: 36" diameter circle (minimum stability - see illustration below)
  • Pier height min: 24"
  • Pier height max: 36" (with legs brought in to 36" diameter circle); 32" (with legs spread to 48" diameter circle)
  • Pier height max with 8" Extension (sold separately): 44" (with legs brought in to 36" diameter circle); 40" (with legs spread to 48" diameter circle)
  • Pier measurements folded: 12" diameter x 32" length
  • Pier weight: 28 lb. (12.7 kg)

Accessories for your 6" Eagle Adjustable Folding Pier - Make Your DREAM SETUP!
Of course, this brilliant package wouldn't be complete without the little extras that allow you to customize the 6" Eagle for your own special needs and circumstances. We won't leave you out in the dark (OK, actually we will <G>) when it comes to accessories. Our accessory package includes a versatile Single Level Support Bar (TRAYSB1), a Bi-Level Support Bar (TRAYSB), a regular 6" Accessory Tray (TRAY06), a 6" Eyepiece Accessory Tray (TRAY06H) and a Control Box Adapter (CBAPT) for attaching your GTOCP2 or GTOCP3 Control Box directly to your 6" Eagle. In characteristic Astro-Physics fashion, we have tried to make the accessories as versatile as possible. They will not only fit on your new 6" Eagle, but they will also fit on the Adjustable Wood Tripod (AWT000) and the 6" Portable Piers. The first member of the accessory line is available below: the 6" Eagle's Pier Extension. The rest of the accessories can be viewed in the accessories section of our Tripods Piers and Pier Accessories page. We have also prepared the following guidelines for using accessories with your 6" Eagle and this page with examples of different setups.

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8" Extension for 6" Eagle Pier (EAGLE6E8)

This beautifully machined extension for your 6" Eagle Adjustable Folding Pier provides an additional 8 inches in height to your versatile pier. Each extension is made from a single piece of thick walled aluminum with an overall length of 8 15/16". The extension is extremely rigid and will not compromise the stability of the 6" Eagle Adjustable Folding Pier.

The richly black anodized extension features 6 slots at the top for attaching the pier adapter of the Mach1GTO or of the 400, 600 or 600E series mounts. By including drilled and tapped holes every 60 degrees around the extension's base and center, the extension allows positioning of these mounts with one of the pier's legs pointing toward or away from your respective pole according to your personal preference.


With the 6" Eagle Pier Extension, it is possible to achieve a pier height of 44 inches with the legs brought in to a 36" circle footprint. The picture at right shows the pier set at 40" high with the legs fully extended.

The 8" Extension can also be used in our 6" diameter portable piers as well as in the tripod adapter (ADATRI). What a versatile and cost-effective way to add necessary height to your current set-up!

Note: A second extension can be added, but we recommend that you only do so with the legs fully extended to their 48" circle footprint (net gain is 4"), and that you not balance a large (especially a long) instrument on top.

The 8" Extension includes a set of three (3) plastic knobs (shown). You may wish to upgrade with our elegant 1/4-20 Machined Knob Kit (M1485KBKIT).

Dimensions: 8 15/16" overall length; 8" extension length; 6 3/16" diameter.
Weight: 3 lb. (1.4 kg)

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1/4-20 Machined Knob Kit, set of 3 (M1485KBKIT)

These "way-cool" knobs with sure-grip profile and elegantly tapered shank are CNC machined of aluminum, black-anodized and assembled with a 1/4-20 stainless socket head cap screw. They were designed to replace the plastic knobs used in the past for our Mach1GTO, 400, 600 and 600E mounts as well as past and current accessories.
Click here to link to more information.

The kit includes three knobs with compatible washers.

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Soft-Sided Carrying Cases for the 6" Eagle Pier (C0052 and C0031)

We are pleased to offer, not one, but two different options for transporting and storing your 6" Folding Eagle Pier (EAGLE6). These attractive, padded-nylon carrying cases are very durable. They provide your Eagle Pier with the protection it needs to look new for many years to come. These lightweight cases have a Velcro grip closure on the handles, as well as loops for attaching a shoulder strap (not included). Handholds are also stitched into both ends of the cases for easy handling.

The cases are solidly constructed in the USA. They are covered with a black colorfast "ballistics material" that is puncture and abrasion resistant. Furthermore, this material is water resistant and fire retardant. Protect your investment with these cases.

The Longer Case (C0052):
Those observers who want to grab-and-go quickly will prefer the longer case. This case is well sized to carry the Eagle Pier in its fully extended configuration and with the 8" Extension (EAGLE6E8) attached. You can even leave the Control Box Adapter (CBAPT) and Pier Tray Support Bars (TRAYSB and TRAYSB1) attached.

This is the configuration most commonly used for visual observing at Star Parties and Public Outreach Events. Being able to simply unfold the pier when setting up and to fold up the pier when breaking down at the close of the event will mean that you will no longer be the “last man standing" in an open dark field at night while everyone else has packed up and left for the night.

50.5" x 11" x 11" (I.D.)
52" x 12" x 12" (O.D.)                
Weight 6.25 lb.

The Shorter Case (C0031):
Those observers and imagers who are interested in the most compact transport of their pier when space in the car is limited will be more interested in the short version of the case. Set up and break down will take a little longer, but you will be able to fit the Eagle Pier and 8" Extension (EAGLE6E8) in this case, too.

You will need to detach the 8" Extension from the pier top and insert it between the pier legs. We strongly recommend that you place the extension in a protective wrap before storing or transporting it in this manner. We do not offer a wrap at this time.

Please note that in order to fit the Eagle Pier into the smaller case, the center column must be completely retracted. To do so requires that the Control Box Adapter and any Pier Tray Support Bars be removed. The pier can only be stored in the short carrying case in this collapsed position.

30.5" x 11" x 11" (I.D.)
32" x 12" x 12" (O.D.)                 
Weight 4.5 lb.

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