Solar Filters from Baader Planetarium

All of our solar filters and filter material are made from AstroSolar® Safety Film from Baader Planetarium, the finest solar filter material on the market today. If you are not familiar with this filter material, please be sure to read the information describing its performance and safety characteristics.

Baader Planetarium Solar Products


ASTF - Baader Solar Filter for Your Telescopes

The ASTF family of solar filters is constructed in a more elaborate manner than either the ASSF or ASBF and should be considered if you will be observing in extreme temperatures.. AstroSolar® must not be put under stress, neither during mounting the film, nor during any temperature change. For this reason the ASTF Filter features a temperature-compensated cell. The film itself is repeatably cemented onto an injection molded ring, whereas the substrate of that ring has the same thermal expansion as the Astro Solar® Filter material itself. This free floating film-carrier ring is held onto the aluminum frame with the help of another holding ring made of fiber reinforced plastic - for a maximum of security against breaking of the cell. This temperature compensated cell enables the AstroSolar® filter material to retain its excellent optical quality at any temperature - be it -30 degrees C or +50 degrees C.

ASSF - Baader Solar Filter for Spotting Scopes, Amateur Telescopes and Camera Lenses

The ASSF family of filters offers a stable and rigid solution for all telescopes, spotting scopes and camera lenses. The AstroSolar® filter material is mounted onto a plastic ring. This ring is mounted onto the aluminum front frame.

If you plan to observe with magnifications above 120x, Baader Planetarium recommends the ASTF filters. The temperature-compensating feature of the ASTF filters will ensure that the filter material expands and contracts with the filter cell as temperatures change to provide optimum image quality.

ASBF - Baader Solar Filter for Binocular, Finders and Camera Lenses

AstroSolar® filter material is mounted onto a plastic ring. The plastic ring itself works as stabilizing element for the filter cell. This ring is mounted onto the aluminum front frame. The thermal expansion coefficients of the plastic and the film are similar. This filter version is essentially similar to the ASSF in terms of mechanics. The only difference is that one side is cut off in order to make them usable on any binocular - even when the bridge is nearly closed. (depending on the binocular type).

All Baader Solar Filters Feature:
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