Solar Filters from kendrick Astro Instruments

Kendrick Solar Filters Using Baader AstroSolar™ Filter Material

If you would rather not make your solar filter, you may prefer to purchase a ready-made filter. Kendrick Astro Instruments anticipated this need and has an economical solution!

Using the Baader AstroSolar™ Safety Film, Kendrick manufactures aluminum filter cells in a variety of apertures. The Kendrick fastening system allows the use of a larger frame which increases the clear aperture area for unobstructed full field of view. With three long nylon screws placed on tabs at 120° intervals, this filter cell enables you to safely attach the filter to your lens cell or dew shield for a variety of telescope apertures within the stated range of the filter. The nylon screws will not scratch the paint or anodize of your telescope tube or lens cell.

We provide the chart below as a quick reference for Astro-Physics refractor and binoculars. For other telescopes, use this handy selection reference: Kendrick Solar Filter Selection Guide. Note that we do not carry the "SF" Style filters.

AP Telescope or Binoculars Dewshield or Lens Cell O.D.

Filter Part #

Fits Tube Aperture of Filter
PB105X70, PB15X70 (need 2) Binocular 87mm KS6002 85mm to 95mm 76mm
90EDFL, 92F7EDF Dewshield 107mm KS6004-A 98mm to 108mm 90mm
105EDFS, 105EDT Dewshield 125mm


117mm to 130mm 107mm
Star12ED Lens Cell 135mm KS6007 130mm to 140mm 114mm
130EDFGT, 130GTX Dewshield 155mm KS6008-B 150mm to 160mm 132mm
130EDFS, 130EDT, STAR130ED Dewshield 164mm KS6009 157mm to 167mm 127mm
140EDF27, 140EDF4 Dewshield 184mm KS6011 182mm to 192mm 155mm
155EDF, 155EDFS, 155EDT Dewshield 190mm KS6011 182mm to 192mm 155mm
160EDF Dewshield 194mm KS6011-A 191mm to 201mm 152mm
180EDF, 180EDT Lens Cell 198mm KS6011-A 191mm to 201mm 152mm
175EDF, 180EDF, 180EDT Dewshield 226mm KS6013 223mm to 233mm 203mm
206EDF Lens Cell 222mm KS6012-A 214mm to 224mm 177mm

Kendrick Sun Finder (KSF6000)

The Kendrick Sun Finder makes locating the sun and centering it in your eyepiece a cinch…no more trying to line up the shadow of the scope on the ground.

The Sun Finder projects a solar dot onto the white target which can be viewed either from the front of the finder or through the cut out on the back.  The finder comes with a double sided adhesive foam tape for easy adhesion to a solar filter ring or other surface - like a mounting ring.

Put one on each of your solar filters!

You may also wish to add the Baader Solar Continuum Filter to your Solar observing arsenal. This filter, when combined with the Kendrick Solar Filters gives increased contrast for finer detail in surface features.

Please click here for Kendrick Solar Filter pricing and availability.

NOTE: You will connect with the normal Astro-Physics price list and cart. this is NOT the same as the cart we are using for the AstroSolar Saftey Film and Ready-Made Filters from Baader Planetarium.

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